Remediation UK

With pressure on building land mounting, brown field site regeneration and remediation are becoming ever more important. We are a UK remediation, reclamation and regrowth specialist – focusing on ground, deposit and groundwater treatment.

The handling of contaminated land cannot be left to chance. By allowing us to manage your project you ensure the entire process will be managed correctly and efficiently.


Brown field sites often need remediation before redevelopment begins.

Deleterious materials and contaminants can be found within the structures themselves or may have leaked down into the soil.

Professional site investigation and careful planning are the first steps in dealing effectively with any contaminants on your site – ranging from toxic heavy metals to asbestos.

If soil investigation is indicated, we plan for trial pits or boreholes that are executed by geotechnical consultants and soil samples are collected for laboratory analysis.

Most deleterious materials are dealt with by removal from the site to licensed landfills and we will carry this out.