Ivy Farm, Royston for Redrow Homes limited

Foxgove Contracting Limited successfully carried out the demolition of Ivy Farm, Royston on behalf of Redrow Homes Limited.

The work involved the demolition of a number of industrial units and the remaining farm structures- including 2 barns.

The brick and concrete materials generated from the demolition works were processed on-site and used in the construction phase of the works.

Once the demolition works were completed, the remediation works to decontaminate the sub strata could begin. During works, environmental air sampling was carried out on site boundaries to monitor air borne contamination using an approved UKAS (NAMAS) laboratory.

The works were carried out over an 8 month period and the contract value was £0.25m.


  • Demolition
  • Remediation
  • Project value: £250,000
  • Completed on time
  • Recycled existing materials

Obstructions/Contaminations removed

Contaminated Materials