Brookside Residential Complex

Foxglove Contracting Limited was employed by Campbell Buchanan Limited, on behalf of Luminus Housing Association, to carry out removal of asbestos insulation under controlled conditions and then the careful controlled demolition of all buildings and processing of site-won materials for the clients’ re-use on the construction phase that followed.

The works were carried out in two phases and all works were completed to the full satisfaction of clients.

As a detailed archaeological excavation followed, care was taken to preserve and not damage any the substrata.

Brookside Residential Complex, before Demolition works commenced
Brookside Residential Complex, before Demolition commenced

Client Testimonial

I would not hesitation in recommending Foxglove Contracting Limited as they are a safe, competent and professional contractor.
Campbell Buchanan


  • Demolition
  • Remediation
  • Project value: £50,000
  • On time
  • Recycled existing materials

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