Health & Safety

We are justly proud of our commitment to health & safety and our exemplary record speaks for itself. Our Health & Safety Policy Statement is the foundation to everything we do and you can feel confident that we share your concerns by looking after people and the environment.We work closely with both the Health & Safety Executive and the Environment Agency in developing and applying current Best Practice for every project. Whatever the scope of the project, we meet and exceed the basic statutory requirements.

Health & Safety Policy Statement

Our policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and safe systems of work for our employees and sub-contractors. We will provide the necessary information, training and supervision for our employees and sub-contractors.

  • We accept responsibility for the health &safety of other people who may be affected by our work.
  • We will abide by all relevant legal requirements and Codes of Practice.
  • Where necessary, we will seek expert advice on health & safety matters.
  • All of our employees are committed to achieving the objectives of our Health & Safety Policy.
  • Overall and final responsibility for Health and Safety at a site is that of the Safety Manager.
  • Further information on safety matters, and the particular arrangements that we will make to implement this policy, can be found in our Company Health & Safety Policy document which can be viewed by request.

This statement is in accordance with the Health & Safety At Work etc. Act 1974.

All our projects benefit from:

  • A full Risk Assessment before work begins – to identify and control on-site hazards.
  • A Construction Phase Plan complying with Construction Design Management Regulations 2007.
  • A Method Statement complying with Construction, Design and Management Regulations 1994.
  • Our experience in identifying potential deleterious material hazards which may have to be dealt with during controlled demolition and before site redevelopment.