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Foxglove Contracting is one of the leading UK Demolition and Construction Industry Management Service Providers – successfully carrying out controlled demolition projects for over 31 years. We endeavor to provide all of your demolition solutions – if you need efficient demolition project management look no further.

We are the Complete Turnkey Solutions Provider with our services ranging from pre-survey of the site, Demolition and Remediation to Site Clearance and Recycling of leftover materials. We have over 35 years’ extensive experience in these fields and Foxglove Contracting has earned a reputation as one of the key players within the demolition services industry.

Foxglove Contracting is based in Bedfordshire and we manage projects across East Anglia, London, Birmingham and Bristol.

We’re equipped with a modern fleet of plant, haulage and experienced personnel and all of our projects are completed to the highest standards of safety, with as little impact on the environment as possible.

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Approved Members and regulated by: East Anglia Professional Demolition (Cambridgeshire)

Remediation and Construction Industry Management Services.

Based in Cambridgeshire – covering East Anglia, London, Birmingham and Bristol.

Cambridgeshire Demolition